Impossible Project SX-70 Leather Case White

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This beautiful, old-school leather case is definitely the best way to protect your SX 70 camera. Made of finest, thick and fragrant high quality leather and most optimally sized, the SX 70 leather case makes sure that your beloved vintage camera stays warm and protected from all outer influences. Equipped with the classic short carrying loop it’s the perfect tool for you to carry your camera in the legendary swinger-style, wherever you may go. Fits all non Sonar SX 70 camera models

Impossible Project PX Shade

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The Impossible PX Shade was developed for use with folding Polaroid SLR (folding SX 70 or SLR 680) cameras to immediately and easily protect your Impossible images upon ejection from the camera.

Impossible Project Frog Tongue

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The Impossible Frog Tongue is a newly designed device that easily attaches to all box-type Polaroid 600 and box-type SX-70 cameras and automatically shields Impossible instant pictures from light as they eject from the camera. This nifty device greatly improves the results you can achieve with the current Impossible instant films.