DigitaLIZA 135 Film Scanning Mask

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Not all labs can scan Lomographic prints the way you want them scanned. What to do if you want some sprocket holes in your pictures? Be your own boss when it comes to scanning 35mm negatives. For the first time ever, Lomography introduces the DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask, which gives you ultimate control over your images!

Used with modern flatbed scanners with a backlight unit, you can conveniently scan special formats such as sprocket holes, endless panorama, and overlapping exposures – something that a standard 35mm scanning mask can’t do.

The DigitaLIZA’s innovative magnetic mechanism holds the highly sensitive negatives in place to give you the utmost convenience, control, and creativity. If you’re a Lomographer who wants the final say over the look of your images, invest in a good scanner and pair it with the DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask – it will save you a lot of money and allow you to control the overall tone, colour, and resolution of your images!

DigitaLIZA 120 Film Scanning Mask

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Have you been frustrated with labs that couldn’t scan your Lomographic prints? Overlapping exposures and panoramas, for example? With the DigitaLIZA 120 Scanning Mask, you’re in control with scanning your negatives the way you want them! The DigitaLIZA’s modern magnetic mechanism holds the sensitive negatives in place so that you can scan them conveniently – in one endless film strip! It’s the first of its kind and compatible with most flatbed scanners available in the market.
Invest in a good flatbed scanner with a backlight unit, and pair it up with this handy accessory – you’ll save a lot of money and give you total control in the overall tone, colour, and resolution of your images. A must-have for the serious Lomographer!

Lomography City Guide Berlin

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With texts in both English and German, the Berlin City Guide will teach you all the secrets about Germany’s wildest city. Bursting with over 300 pages of juicy information, you can read about every hidden corner, café and club in this hip metropolis. Berlin is now, so grab your Lomography Berlin City Guide today!

Featuring over 1000 stunning Lomographs and 261 must-see locations, the Berlin City Guide is the hottest guide to Europe’s center of cool. Browse tips on the City’s best photographic locations and learn about the secret spots no other guide will tell you about – Brimming with information and bursting with color, every page of the guide brings Berlin to life and fully captures the excitement of Germany’s wonderful capital.


  • 1000+ Stunning Lomographs
  • 336 Pages
  • 261 Must-See Locations
  • Insider Tips from Berlin experts and unique LomoTours!

Lomography City Guide Hong Kong

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The second part of our photo-city-guide series will make you see Hong Kong with brand new eyes. Flip through 272 pages of 1,500 snapshots by Hong Kong Lomographers and discover how wonderfully dynamic this city is.

Discover extraordinary and dynamic Hong Kong with the Lomography City Guide Hong Kong. The second of our photo-city-guide series, this travel book is bursting at the seams with endless Lomographic possibilities! 272 pages packed with over 1,500 analogue shots by 78 Hong Kong Lomographers—what more can you ask for?

Forget about the usual tourist destinations—get inspired by any of the 152 city tips listed here. Dive into diversity of this city and discover hidden hangouts and secrets spots that are sure to make your trip truly unforgettable. We’ve also included a handy map to make sure you don’t get lost!

Whether or not you’ve got plans to visit Hong Kong, the Lomography City Guide Hong Kong is pure visual stimulation you should not miss.


  • 272 pages of 1,500 analogue shots by 78 Lomographers
  • 152 LomoLocations contributed by the Lomographic community
  • A handy map to make sure no one gets lost on their adventures

Lomography City Guide Vienna

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Avoid the usual tourist traps and welcome yourself to the unique city of Vienna! Over 256 pages of 1,400 previously unseen analogue shots and 244 city tips shared by Vienna-crazed Lomographers, this is both travel book and a visual inspiration.

Steer away from the usual tourist traps and welcome yourself to the unique city of Vienna – as presented to you by the Lomography City Guide Vienna! Indulge in over 256 pages of 1,400 previously unseen analogue shots and 244 city tips shared by Vienna-crazed Lomographers! The first of our photo-city-guide series, this is both travel book and a visual inspiration that makes a perfect pair with the Lomography Vienna Notebook.

Even if you never plan to set foot on Austrian soil, you’ll love the Lomography City Guide Vienna. Created by Lomographers for Lomographers, the Vienna City Guide lets you into the charming, eccentric world of Vienna and its hidden hangouts, special spots, and other details that are conducive for your Lomographic scheming!


  • First-of-its-kind photo city guide for non-tourists, analogue lovers and cosmopolitan adventurers alike
  • 256 pages of 1,400 analogue snapshots by 54 Lomographers
  • From Lomographers for Lomographers: 100% made out of contributions to LomoLocations

Fisheye No. 2 Keychain

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Normal Price: RM20
Promo Price: RM10 <50% off>

Your favourite Lomographic cameras – Lubitel 166+, Diana F+, Fisheye 2, and the LOMO LC-A+ have been turned into miniature keychains! Add a nice touch to your style, by using them as a mobile phone/camera charm, or as a zipper pull on your jacket!

Made from ABS plastic, these 20% Lomography Keychains are miniature versions of your favourite Lomographic cameras. Use them as a keychain, or let them dangle from your mobile phone, camera, or purse as a cool accessory! Create your own style and you can even pin it as an add-on to your everyday outfit.


  • Each Lomography Keychain comes in a small tin can (about the size of a film canister)
  • Made from ABS Plastic