SuperHeadz 35mm Adapter for Holga 120

  • superheadz-35mm-adaptor

Enjoy the fun of 35mm films on your rustic Holga 120! Have the best of both films!


  • Frame counter
  • Film advance indicator. No more guessing/counting clicks
  • Film rewinder, so you don’t have to rewind the film in darkness
  • Ability to take picture with sprocket holes

Holga 120 Fisheye Lens with Viewfinder

  • holga-120-fisheye-viewfinder

Transform your classic Holga 120 into Fisheye cameras. Enjoy the world through the eyes of fishes!

Holga Telephoto Lens

  • holga-tele-lens

Shoot things further away (2.5x zoom) with the Holga Tele Lens!

Holga Double Filter Set

  • holga-color-flash

To create funky effects with your Holga cameras!