LC-A Tunnelvision Lens

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Blow your images out into wide angle shots with this Tunnel Vision Lens.

Get your hands on this spectacular Tunnelvision Lens. It magnifies the tunnel effect of your images into a dreamy portrait of dark vignetted edges, blurred outside circles, and minty sharp & contrasty centers. Shoot up to 1 inch 2.5cm away with the integrated macro attachment. A magnet attaches the lens to a mounting ring on the camera face. The nylon strap keeps the lens securely on your camera. Includes strap, case, and 4 mounting rings. Titanium lens, made in Japan.

Holga Fisheye Lens for Instax Mini 7s

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Do you want to shoot Holga Fisheye style on your Instax 7s?

Well, this kit is just what you need to get started. Fisheye Lens which gives you that ultra-wide shooting angle!

Holga 120 Fisheye Lens with Viewfinder

  • holga-120-fisheye-viewfinder

Transform your classic Holga 120 into Fisheye cameras. Enjoy the world through the eyes of fishes!

Holga Telephoto Lens

  • holga-tele-lens

Shoot things further away (2.5x zoom) with the Holga Tele Lens!

Holga 135 Fisheye Lens and Viewfinder

  • holga-135-fisheye-lens

Transform your Holga 135, Holga 135BC, Holga 135 TLR and Holga 135BC TLR into Fisheye cameras.

LC-Wide Instant Kit

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Why wait for your films to be processed when you can enjoy the stunning effects of the Lomo LC-Wide in a snap? With the LC-Wide Instant Kit, you can get ultra wide, super saturated, and crazy colourful shots in an instant. This kit contains a special viewfinder and a correction lens that allows you to use the LC-A Instant Back+ with your LC-Wide.

Get wild with wide in an instant!

We know you can’t wait to see the spectacular effects of the LC-Wide—the expansive perspective of the new Minigon lens, astonishing colours and contrasts, and breathtaking vignettes. We can’t bear the thought of you biting your nails while waiting for your films to get processed. That is why we’ve created the LC-Wide Instant Kit. It contains a special viewfinder and correction lens that allows you to use the LC-A Instant Back+ with your LC-Wide. Now you can marvel at all the awesome capabilities of your new Lomographic companion and see your photos develop in an instant. So what are you waiting for? Get the LC-Wide Instant Kit and start snapping!

Please note the LC-A Instant Back+ is not included.

LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

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Ladies and gentlemen – may we introduce the hottest accessory for the Lomo LC-A+ so far!

Affixed to your LC-A+ camera, this black beauty takes that comfortable 32mm view that we know– and expands it into a 20mm super-wide and full-frame paradise. Taking in 120 degrees of vision, your images will greatly exceed the limits of human sight, and record all sorts of bits and pieces that your naked eye would unknowingly pass over. Unlike our Fisheye Adaptors, this Lens is full frame – extending your image to its complete rectangular glory. A viewfinder is included to accurately preview your shots. This gorgeous item is crafted of premium metal and 4-element coated glass to transmit all of the power and beauty of your Minitar-1 lens.

Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle & Close-Up Lenses

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Get ready to get wide and up-close with this special set of lenses specially made for your Diana+ / Diana F+ camera. Images drip with colour, with an extra kick of contrast and saturation – a distinct Diana+ look.

First off, the 55mm Wide-Angle Lens provides a focal length roughly equivalent to a 34mm lens on a standard 35mm camera – almost similar to the perspective of our very own Minitar 1 lens, the shining jewel of every Lomo LC-A+ camera. Next, the included Close-Up Adapter slides onto your 55mm Lens and allows you to shoot everything at 15cm (about 6 inches) away.

The included Close-Up Lens requires the 55mm Lens in order to work. The Close-Up Lens is not sold separately.

Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens

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Don’t mistake this for one of those everyday long lenses that you see at a football match or mountain lookout! Not only will your subject be drawn in closer, but they’ll be cast in an absolutely unique and radiantly gorgeous “softened” special effect. Pair this with the Diana+’s plasticky (and sometimes leaky) nature and the sheer radiance of medium format film, and you’ve got an all-new category of analog masterpieces.

The Diana F+ 110 mm Telefoto Lens in combination with any 35mm camera will act like a 200mm super tele lens. On an APS-C sensor the Telefoto Lens is equivalent to a 320mm super – duper – tele lens!

Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens

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Have you ever imagined a 180-degree circular image on a square print? With the Diana+ Fisheye Lens, it is possible, while keeping the trademark Diana+ qualities of saturated colors and dreamy atmosphere!

Introducing the super-wide interchangeable Fisheye lens for the Lomography Diana+ cameras! Its enormous field of view takes in half of the world around you and compacts it into a tight, circular, 180-degree image. Each fisheye image shows massive depth of field, so your subject and background will be nice and crispy clear.

Compatible with all Lomography Diana+ and Diana F+ cameras.

The Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens used on 35mm SLR cameras has the effect of a 38mm Wide Angle Lens. On an APS-C sensor it´s equivalent to a 60mm lens.